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Quality is Cmatic’s core “Modus Operandi”, based on the following principles:


Constantly striving to meet customer expectations and corporate commitments.


With regard to:
- Services offered
- Products manufactured
- Daily Operational Procedures


With contractual and legal provisions.


Cost effectiveness


To improve Customer Care and Service.

ISO 9001

Since 1994 Cmatic’s guidelines have been assessed and certified by an external Board according to ISO 9001 standards.

Environmental awareness is crucial for Cmatic, based on the following principles:

Environmental Protection

prevention or reduction of adverse environmental impact.

Life Cycle Evaluation

Evaluation of the product life cycle perspective (LCP) to avoid involuntary shifting of environmental impacts to another phase of the life cycle.

Compliance with Standards

Meeting mandatory environment-related standards.

Prevention of pollution

Through responsible practice and efficient, modern systems/equipment.

Constant Improvement

of environmental performance (careful power consumption, self-production of energy from renewable sources, low consumption of natural resources, limited waste production).

ISO 14001

Since 2018, these guidelines have been assessed and certified by an external body in accordance with ISO 14001 standards.