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Cmatic’s pneumatic fittings solutions for vehicle applications

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Cmatic is a company founded in 1979 that provides Made in Italy pneumatic fittings for the automation industry, using exclusively selected, controlled, and certified raw materials produced solely within the European Union.

In the beginning, Cmatic started as a family business. Today, the firm is an international enterprise, a reliable and dynamic company recognized not only in Europe but in the USA as well, with its facility near Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to this well-placed location, Cmatic can deliver its Made in Italy fittings solutions all over the United States, helping its customers saving time and resources while guaranteeing high-quality standards and quick shipments.

Cmatic’s mission has always been to make the Made in Italy quality recognized internationally, with some remarkable results. The mission has been carried on with success, also thanks to our 500-product catalog, listing a wide variety of pneumatic fittings solutions covering almost every market segment and Country requirements.

The core values of our business are a 360° control over every production and distribution aspect of our solutions and the possibility for our clients to customize the products in order to meet any requirement and need.


Cmatic Solutions for Vehicles Applications


Made in Italy pneumatic fittings for the automotive industry and vehicle applications

The Made in Italy quality standard has always been associated with the food and fashion industry. Still, it can be also be linked to the expertise of engineers and mechanical designers who always put their best efforts in the production process.

These are the exact same experts who are part of our staff. Our team not only designs high-quality components for the automation industry, they also carry on this mission keeping in mind current regulations and applications depending on the industrial future use of the products.

Among Cmatic’s rich product selection, you can find personalized solutions, developed for specific fields. The latest lines to have got relevant improvements and updates are the ones dedicated to the automotive industry.

The transportation field has always been one of Cmatic’s core businesses. Thus, we decided to include two new lines for this specific market, to finally meet also European standards:

  • The push-in fittings MT Line
  • The standard fittings RT Line.

Given the significant growth of our catalog, we decided to update the product range dedicated to the US market, as well, introducing four new products in the DOT push-in fittings series, the PT Line.


MT RT Cmatic Connectors


MT and RT Line: push-in fittings for braking systems

Our latest line of push-in fittings, the MT line, guarantees high reliability and security in terms of vehicle applications and especially for braking systems, complying with all the international safety regulations.

Its complementary line, the RT line, includes accessories and standard fittings such as nipples, L-T fittings, hose, reductions, and more.

Brass is the material of choice for this specific series of products which components are provided with a unique security system: an internal rubber insert that keeps dust and humidity away from the inner parts of the fittings, safeguarding quality and performances in time.

We want to highlight that in terms of security, this line is exceptionally reliable. In fact, accidental detachments cannot occur since the tube can be disconnected only by a specific tool for this purpose, which is catalog listed as well.

The MT fittings achieved the TUV Product certification according to DIN 74324:1996 – DIN EN ISO 9227:2017-07 and DIN EN 60068-2-6:2008.

Here are the main characteristics of the line:

  • Working Pressure: 0 – 16 bar (0 – 232 psi)
  • Working Temperature: -50°C ÷ 100°C (-58°F ÷ 212°F).

Click here to find out more about the MT and RT Line.


PT Cmatic Connectors


PT Line: DOT Push-in fittings

The PT Line is Cmatic’s push-in fittings solution for vehicle applications complying with DOT FMVSS 571.106, SAE J2493-3 and SAE J1131 specs. The line is the best response that meets the needs of the United States’ automotive field in terms of performance, quality, and certifications.

The latest update about the line is not only the improved working temperature (-58°F ÷ 248°F), but mainly the introduction of new components, such as:

  • The swivelling elbow fitting, male 45°
  • The swivelling elbow fitting, female
  • The swivelling tee fitting, female
  • The bulkhead, female.


The PT Line has several applications, such as:

  • pneumatic circuits for truck and trailers
  • air suspension
  • braking systems
  • transmissions
  • locking doors and windows
  • seat adjustment
  • instrumentation
  • air conditioning systems
  • horn
  • wiper motors
  • valves, cylinders and accessories.


Main characteristics:

  • Release Ring material: Nickel Plated
  • Body material: Brass
  • Temperature: -58°F ÷ 248°F
  • PSI: Up to 290 psi
  • Tube compatibility: PA Tubings complying with SAE (DOT)
  • Silicone-Free, in compliance with the RoHS Directive and the EU Reach Regulation.

Click here to find out more about the PT Line.


CO Cmatic Connectors


CO Line: Multiple Connectors

The line includes multiple connectors made of a fixed part to be connected to the control device of pneumatic powered machines and a mobile part to be assembled to the air distribution equipment. Thus, a significant advantage, which means that a bundle of hoses can be connected and disconnected safely and rapidly. Our multiple connectors series is manufactured in such way that reverse assembly of the parts is not possible.

The CO Line is developed mainly for vehicle applications and its main characteristics are:


  • Temperature: -4°F ÷ 158°F
  • PSI: Up to 118 psi, depending on the solution requested.
  • Tube compatibility: PA Tubings (PA 12, PA 11, PA6), Polyethylene PE, Polyurethane PU (98 shore A).
  • Pneumatic Circuit application
  • Silicone-Free, in compliance with the RoHS Directive and the EU Reach Regulation.

Click here to find out more about the CO Line.


For nearly 40 years, we’ve been working in order to deliver modern solutions that meet today’s customers’ needs and necessities, complying with the most recent normative and regulations.
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