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Made in Italy pneumatic fittings for the US market

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“Made in Italy” has become a proper buzz word, but what does it mean for us, for Cmatic?

Founded in the late Seventies, in Brianza, nearby Milan, Cmatic has ever since believed in specific core values, such as Design, Development, Performance, and Quality.
To us these are much more than simple statements; they truly represent not only our Cmatic’s trademark, but also all the pneumatic fittings solutions we provide.
Inside our manufacturing facilities can be found exclusively raw materials produced according to the most recent UE regulations and legislations, therefore carefully selected, controlled, and certified.
Nevertheless, for us it is still not enough.
We aim to reach the highest standards, and the introduction of the latest technologies and production machines has contributed significantly, allowing Cmatic to successfully face the challenges of competitive markets and react quickly to customers’ needs.
Nowadays, we are still willing to offer the best solutions, and this vision has brought us to expand our business in the USA.


Made in Italy for the USA


Cmatic’s pneumatic fittings for the US market

The United States of America has always been part of our global vision in terms of business development. Our will to bring the well renowned Italian excellence in the country brought us to choose a strategic location for our logistics facility.

Groveport, Ohio, is the place where all of our products depart to restock the American customers. Thanks to this well-placed location, Cmatic can deliver its Made in Italy fittings solutions all over the US, saving customers’ time and resources, while guaranteeing high-quality standards and fast deliveries.


Cmatic’s pneumatic fittings solutions developed for the United States

We’ve decided to focus on developing dedicated lines specifically for the American market, to meet its necessities and needs. These lines include:

  • push-in fittings for automationlubrication and misting applications,
  • standard fittings,
  • couplings,
  • safety couplings,
  • multiple connectors,
  • function fittings,
  • tools and tubings.


We offer different personalized solutions to fit all customers’ requests. Let’s have a better look at our pneumatic fittings’ solutions, as well:

  • PN Line, push-in fittings (Inch and NPT threads) for pneumatic circuits applications. High performance and extraordinary resistance;
  • PT Line, D.O.T. push in fittings, for applications on vehicles and trailers. It meets DOT Fmvss 571.106 and requirements of SAE J2493-3 and J1131;
  • PE Line, push in fittings for pneumatic circuits applications. The Easy Thread feature allows for connections with different threads standards (NPT, BSPP, BSPT), and leads to better operational flexibility and inventory cost reduction;
  • PX Line, 316L stainless steel push-in fittings (Inch/NPT), for industries as pneumatics, food (NSF certified), chemical, and pharma;
  • MM Line, misting push-in fittings, 1160 psi, for misting circuit applications;
  • PM Line, medium pressure push-in fittings, 1160 psi, for lubrication installations.
  • PA Line, brass nickel-plated standard fittings, for pneumatic, hydraulic, and oleo-dynamic circuits;
  • PU Line, NPT couplings;
  • PUX Line, 316L stainless steel couplings, Inch/NPT;
  • PU Safety Line, NPT safety couplings;
  • CO Line, multiple connectors;
  • PV Line, function fittings, Inch/NPT;
  • PVX Line, 316L stainless steel function fittings, Inch/NPT.


This list is just a preview of our 500 products catalog and the numerous personalization options we offer.
To discover more about our high-quality solutions, click below, fill out the form, and request more information.

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