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MM Line: new products and sizes are now available

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MM 12

MM is our line of misting push-in fittings. Cmatic is now using all its know-how and experience in high-pressure connections for a completely new purpose. To create the “Misting” effect. Water at 80 bar pressure is channeled through hoses and sprayed through nozzles as millions of very fine mist drops, creating that way a refreshing effect all-around a specific area.
Misting is a cost-effective, energy-saving, and nonpolluting technique used both in industrial and commercial fields to control odors and humidity, to set dust, to cool down indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Discover Cmatic’s new product range extension which includes a Parallel straight, male, our MM12. 

In addition, lots of new sizes are now available to enhance Cmatic current offering:

MM Line

MM 11: Taper straight male
MM11 1/2 1/2
MM 26: Union
MM26 3/8 1/2
MM26 1/2 1/2
MM 28: Union Elbow
MM28 1/2 1/2
MM 29: Union T
MM29 1/2 3/8
MM29 1/2 1/2
MM 40: Terminal
MM40 00 1/2



Download here the new MM Line Catalog