Our History

Cmatic milestones

Cmatic is founded

1979 - Cmatic is founded

Born from an intuition of Orazio Confalonieri, over the years Cmatic has grown from a craftman activity into a global industrial reality whose goal is to design, develop, and produce pneumatic fittings for a multitude of applications in different industries. A company sensitive to the demands of a constantly evolving market, focusing on the research and development of new products.

Everything Changes, moving towards the Internationalization

1989 - Everything Changes, moving towards the Internationalization

We are in the mid-80s, the world economy is racing. Cmatic boasts major customers in the food, packaging, and automotive industries. The new challenge faced by Mr. Confalonieri comes from a major automaker. Cmatic’s founder, Mr. Orazio, went to Germany where he took time to review the situation. The solution seems simple but getting there was not. The silicone is replaced with another product. It is a small revolution but the results are momentous. Indeed, years later, silicone-free is the standard across the market.

A new balance and a new leadership

2000 - A new balance and a new leadership

The second generation of Cmatic’s leaders has stepped in since 1983. The first one was Miss Rita Confalonieri, she joins the company in late 1983, followed by Miss Gloria Confalonieri in 1989 and by 2000 the last heir of the company Filippo Confalonieri completed the final line up of the board of directors of Cmatic. Now, it is time to declare a new rule: conquer new segments of the market, domestically and internationally. The correspondence with foreign customers, particularly Germans ones who are traditionally rigorous and demanding, guides the company organization. To secure orders and trust it is necessary to continuously improve, to stand out in order to emerge. Precisely for this reason, the deep-felt consciousness of requiring to achieve an organized business management system leads Cmatic to get the ISO 9001 certification in 1994. But that was not enough, Cmatic wanted more.

A new Headquarters and renewed Goals

2016 - A new Headquarters and renewed Goals

From the factory in Carate Brianza to the plant in Albiate to the new and prestigious headquarters in Giussano, inaugurated in 2019, technology evolves without ceasing and in a smart way.
The company has grown to such an extent that we cannot say now with any certainty that, even in the most remote village on earth there is not one of their fittings.
In 2018, in addition to the switch to the new ISO 9001: 2015 version, Cmatic obtained the certification for environmental management according to ISO 14001 as a testimony to the attention and sensitivity of the company for eco-sustainable industrial development.

Going digital and a new challenges

2020 - Going digital and a new challenges

Each fitting is designed with Cmatic exclusivity. In the beginning, it had no soul. It passed from hand to hand in sacks, in wagonloads. It was useful, of course, even indispensable. But it wasn’t beautiful. But then the turning point: quality was joined by the value of imagination, functionality by beauty.
Our commitment is visible in our drive towards innovation. Innovation at Cmatic also means making the wish for digital transformation from top management to logistics a reality, without ever forgetting the main goal: to enhance our performances towards our customers and meet their increasing requirements.